2017 Ford F-550


This Ford F-550 was redesigned for the 2017 year. It has been updated to look more modern and more akin to the smaller Ford F-150s. The body has been made lighter by using a military grade aluminum alloy shaving off close to 350 pounds. This reduction in weight has translated to more working power! The drivetrain, four wheel drive components, axels and towing hardware have all been upgraded for greater strength and durability to better match the extra power. It has slightly better fuel economy, too.   Further, the interior was redesigned: it is wired for a backup camera and the seats and dash were updated.

The cab, chassis and stainless-steel dump body were purchased separately. Our mechanic, Devon, did a great job piecing it together in about a week in the spare time he had between other projects.  

This truck is great for small jobs and deliveries, hauling aggregates, hay, or mulch to our sites. And we use it on our jobs to haul job trailers, generators, and the like. We also use it to carry a variety of equipment, from pumps to compactors to signage. Adding this to our fleet helped our job flexibility by giving us more options for completing the various tasks our construction jobs demand. 

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