2019 Freightliner 122 SD


We bought this truck to replace our 2004 International 7600, and boy did we trade up! The Coronado SD, also called the 122 SD, has been a relied upon and top-notch model for decades: “Tried and true,” says Justin Day, our Equipment Supervisor. It is essentially a twin of our other Freightliner, the 2016 Coronado SD.  It was such a great machine, we wanted another!

This means that it has an automatic transmission and is thus a master city driving. It is also our preferred vehicle for making our driveway deliveries of aggregates—particularly the tailgate spreading of gravel.  It is equipped with exhaust scrubbers to screen out dirty air, leaving the air emitted to be far cleaner.  The truck’s engine is top notch in efficiency, because of how it injects and burns diesel fuel, making every drop count. They handle emissions with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process where diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is injected into the engine’s exhaust streams which causes harmful nitrogen oxides to become a safe inert nitrogen. The SCR process coupled with particulate filters and its exhaust gas recirculation system makes for extremely clean emissions.

We added a few custom additions for convenience like a driver side grab handle to make getting into the cab a bit easier and a second reverse gear. Lastly, we added a polished set of aluminum wheels to make it shine!

 Overall, this truck is economical because of its great fuel mileage, powerful, and reliable because it is a tried and true brand. We could not have asked for a better truck to be a part of this fleet!

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