2019 Western Star 4900 SB


           Ordered in December of 2017, the 2019 Western Star 4900 SB is the star tractor truck of our fleet! Replacing our old triaxle 2006 International Paystar, this 600 horsepower truck is the main heavy haul truck for G.W. Tatro. It was specced out to our exact preferences, down to the tiniest detail. We used our awesome 2017 Western Star 4900 SB dump truck as our template, and this truck’s future driver, Cody Trombley, helped with some of the truck’s customizations.

                Our most powerful truck, it can make the toughest and most difficult jobs look easy. And it looks good while it’s doing it! Equipped with aftermarket LED headlights, exhaust stacks, a full set of fenders, and a headache rack, this truck is a sight to behold.

            You won’t hear Cody Trombley complaining. “I love this truck,” he said. “It’s our biggest billboard… and I get to drive it.” He says at least once a day people tell him over the radio how nice the truck looks.

                The 2019 Western Star 4900 SB: proving that looks and performance aren’t mutually exclusive!

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