Ripper Attachment


The Ripper attachment will be found nowhere else in the world–only at G.W. Tatro. That’s because Justin Day (our Equipment Manager) and our welder, Dale McKnight, designed and created it right here in our shop! This attachment works exclusively with CAT 330 series or CAT 360 series excavators. The Ripper attachment is used to break up frozen ground, rock, and even blacktop. This prepares the site for excavation. It can be used as an alternative to blasting and it is environmentally friendly. It is also able to get into small crevices around the ledge. Because of the Ripper’s bifurcated teeth, it puts tremendous pressure on the point of contact, making it easily able to tear up the target area. This pressure means that the teeth often wear out quickly, and so must be replaced often. After an operator has successfully torn up the target area, they can easily switch out the ripper for a regular excavator bucket and clear the ripped up material up. The Ripper is extremely helpful because it saves our excavator buckets wear and tear, and it is cheaper to maintain than our Hammers. We are extremely proud of the Ripper and of the spectacular work Dale did in fabricating it!

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