CLIENT: VT Agency of Transportation
LOCATION: Moretown, VT

The Moretown ER STP project of 2015 required reconstructing a section of VT Route 100B along the Mad River, that sustained damage from Hurricane Irene. The project consisted of installing nearly 4,000cy of Rip Rap along the river bank as well as reconstructing the 1,100 LF of roadway with new gravel subbase, geotextile fabric, drainage and asphalt pavement. GW Tatro utilized a CAT 336 Long Reach Excavator to place all of rip rap from the roadway. This was an important move, as it allowed the company to forgo removing the guardrail and installing jersey barriers each day, saving both money and time on the schedule. This once again showed that slope repairs are one of GW Tatro’s specialties.

Project Categories: Site/Civil, Erosion Control, Road, Highway, Rail,