CLIENT: VT Agency of Transportation
CONTRACT VALUE: $1,100,000

In the Fall of 2016, GW Tatro was awarded the Richmond BF 0284(28) project which involved replacing a 20′ concrete bridge built in 1928 with a new 25′ span precast rigid frame. This Accelerated Bridge Project, located on US Route 2, required the structure to be replaced during a 28-day closure period in the summer of 2017. The new bridge required driving 14 piles an average of 100′, deep as well as pouring 20cy of Rapid Set Concrete, which gained design strength in as little as 24 hours. The bridge was completed and opened to traffic a full 36 hours early, 6 hours more than the maximum allowed incentive. GW Tatro was humbled to receive many compliments from the local community at the professionalism, speed and quality of the work on this project.

Unique challenges:

Required driving 14 steel H-piles an average of 100’ deep. Encountered wooden piles from the old bridge which had to be removed in order to install the new steel H-piles. Poured 20 CY of Rapid Set Concrete (a first for GWT). Rapid set concrete can gain full strength in as little as 24 hours. Worked 13 straight says at one point. Had to keep the adjacent town road (Snipe Ireland Rd) open throughout construction. Finished a full 36 hours early (6 hours more than the max allowed incentive).

Project Categories: Site/Civil, Road, Highway, Rail,